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Skipton Castle in North Yorkshire (for a map, click here) is of special Ricardian relevance for me because this is where I first heard of the existence of the Richard III Society.  However, that is not the only connection between the castle and Richard III – it actually belonged to him.

Skipton Castle (photograph by Dorothea Preis)

The history of the castle goes back to William the Conqueror, who granted the land around Skipton to Robert de Romille, who built the first wooden castle on this site.  A castle at Skipton is first mentioned in 1130.  The wooden structure was replaced by a stone castle between 1194 and 1241.

By 1274 the castle became the property of the king.  Edward II granted it in 1307 to his unpopular favourite Piers Gaveston.  In 1310, however, it was transferred to Robert de Clifford and the Clifford family held it until 1461 (1), when John, ‘Bloody Clifford’, the ninth Lord Clifford was killed at the Battle of Ferrybridge (2).  His son Henry was sent to Cumberland, where he was disguised as a shepherd, while the Skipton estate was confiscated by Edward IV (3).

Edward granted the Clifford estates in Yorkshire to William Stanley in 1462, who basically exchanged it in 1475 for Chirk in Wales, which had belonged to Richard Duke of Gloucester, a deal which suited both of them.  Richard took his interest in Skipton seriously and we know that he resided there (4).

During the time of Richard’s ownership, Skipton’s Holy Trinity Church was extended further eastwards, probably helped by a gift from Richard (5).

Henry Clifford, the son of ‘Bloody Clifford’, was allowed to reclaim his lands under Henry VII in 1485 (6).  It remained in the hands of the Clifford family until 1675 and their flag still flies over the castle.  Today it is one of the most complete and well preserved medieval castles in England (7).

Skipton Castle:  Clifford Coat of Arms (photograph by Dorothea Preis)

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