The Princes in the Tower

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Recently the National Geographic Channel commissioned a series called The Mystery Files, which is also showing on this channel here in Australia.  The objective of the series is to re-examine the legends surrounding a number of famous and infamous figures from history.

One episode, entitled Royal Murder, is of particular interest to Ricardians as it deals with the Princes in the Tower.  As the Chairman of the Richard III Society, Dr Phil Stone, informed us the Society assisted with background information as well as suggesting a number of academic contacts who could be interviewed.  One of those chosen to take part was Lynda Pidgeon, whom we all know as the research officer of the Society.

Phil emphasised what a refreshing change it was to come across a popular programme maker prepared to examine historical events with an open mind rather than accepting the usual premise and twisting the facts to fit.

The programme has been screening on the National Geographic Channel in Australia for a while, the next showing is due on Monday 24 May 2010 at 14h30.  If you do not have access to Pay TV, don’t despair.  Phil has kindly send a copy of the DVD of the episode to our branch and members (of the NSW and QLD branches) are welcome to borrow it from Julia.

You can find out more on the Mystery Files website or check the time of the next showing on the Australian National Geographic Channel website.

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