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If our recent review of Walk Wakefield 1460 got you into the mood for travelling and visiting the sites of Ricardian history, the Richard III Society is here to help.  The latest addition to the main website of the Richard III Society is a feature on Ricardian Britain:  A guide to sites associated with Richard III.

This web-based guide is based on an earlier printed version published by the Society in 1983.  While the printed version was organised alphabetically, this one is by areas.  So when visiting an area you can be sure that you do not to miss anything of interest.  It also contains a list of places exhibiting portraits of Richard III and the sites of Society presentations (memorials and plaques) as well as some useful websites.

The entries on the included sites include a short introduction of their relevance to Ricardians as well as information on addresses (incl. postcodes and telephone numbers), website addresses, email addresses and directions.

By publishing this guide on the web it can be accessed by Wi-Fi devices such as smart phones or mp3 players with Wi-Fi capabilities from anywhere while travelling.  And if you are not that IT savvy you can print out the relevant pages before leaving home (it is in a pdf format).

Bon yoyage!

(The above photograph of St Albans Cathedral is by the present author)


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