Richard and the Spooks

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Fans of the TV series Spooks may not know of a Ricardian connection between King Richard and the actor Richard Armitage, who played the role of Lucas North.

He was interviewed by Vulpes Libris (a collective of bibliophiles writing about books) in 2009, and revealed that he was named Richard because he was born in Leicester on 22nd, and further, that one of his father’s favourite books was The Sunne in Splendour by Sharon Kay Penman.  Quoting Richard Armitage:

I read this many years ago.  In recent years it has lead to a tentative interest and line of research into the rehabilitation of this story.  As an actor, it’s a project I would love to achieve.  I believe it is a great story, a socio-political thriller, a love story and a dynastic tragedy.  My challenge is to convince commercial producers to see beyond ‘history lesson’, but I strongly suspect that this will be a long way off…, I may even be producing by the time someone … realizes the potential for this project.

The full interview can be located here (http://vulpeslibris.wordpress.com/2009/07/08/in-conversation-with-richard-armitage)


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