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At our AGM on 8 October, the NSW Branch unanimously decided to support the Middleham Church Appeal with a donation of $300.  Of course individual members are also encouraged to think about making a private donation – and I know that some members have done so since we first published the Appeal on our website in September.  However, the branch committee felt it was also important to do something as a branch and to give everyone the opportunity to feel involved.

I’m sure our members will be pleased to know that our contribution, though it might be small in the scope of the repairs needed, did not go unnoticed.  Phil Stone, Chairman of the Richard III Society, send us a ‘thank you’ on behalf of the Appeal and the Executive Committee of the Society saying that it will be appreciated by the folks in Middleham, who would probably not be able to raise the necessary funds on their own.  The Society also thanked us on their Facebook page.

The Church of  St Mary and St Alkelda has such strong Ricardian connections that we would not expect the community of Middleham to shoulder the costs on their own and feel it only right to express our support for Richard III in this way.

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