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Richard III from the Rous Roll

About – Information about the Richard III Society in general and the NSW Branch in particular

The Richard III Society

The Richard III Society – worldwide and in New South Wales

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For High School Students:  Richard III as a History Extension Project


The White Rose

“He Contents the People wherever he goes” – Richard III: His Parliament and Government, by Christopher Puplick AM

Richard III – Facts to Counteract the Fiction, by Kevin Herbert and Julia Redlich

Richard’s Achievements, by Julia Redlich, Kevin Herbert and Dorothea Preis

The Battle of Bosworth Field, by Julia Redlich



The Red Rose

Margaret Beaufort: ‘Mother Superior’ or ‘M’?, by Isolde Martyn

How Posterity Beheaded Morton:  the Case of the Missing Head, by Isolde Martyn

Dafydd Llwyd’s Poem, by Annette Carson