Richard III as a History Extension Project

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Richard III is certainly controversial and thus makes an ideal topic for the major work required to obtain the HSC in History Extension.

Our branch is always delighted to assist high school students who choose Richard III for their History Extension Project.

Following are examples of students who have shared copies of their finished work with us.

Extension History Project, by Sarah Goldfinch, 2008

Major Work on Richard III, by Nicole Preis, 2010

To What Extent can Thomas More’s ‘History of King Richard III’ be considered a work of Tudor Propaganda?, by Thomas Layton, 2012

Richard III, as Defined by History, by Audrey Lising, 2013

Evaluate the changing interpretations of Richard III’s controversial character in light of recent archaeological and scientific evidence, by Christopher Lo, 2016

Richard III: Victim or Villain?, by Alice Christie, 2017