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December 2014 Richard III Society NSW Branch Meeting

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December 2014 Richard III Society NSW Branch Meeting

Review of 13 December 2014 Richard III Society NSW Branch Meeting

The last meeting of the year of the New South Wales Branch of the Richard III Society was held on Saturday, 13 December 2014. Proceedings opened with remarks made by our Chair Judith with a warm welcome extended to all. We were particularly thrilled to have Kevin and Angela back with us after their recent illnesses. They looked wonderful and we wish them both the best of health!

The floor was then handed over to the guest speaker, Wendy Schmid, of the NSW Embroiderers’ Guild, who related to us her long experience with this handicraft, passing around exquisite examples of various stitches and works of art she has lovingly created over the years. Her expertise regarding fabrics, changing styles in different eras and different countries, the religious motifs used by churches and ecclesial clothing, and the social history of the art of embroidery, was of great interest.

An annual activity at the Christmas meeting that members have come to anticipate is being given the challenge of some form of quiz. This year it was once again provided by Julia, who it was so lovely to see, as she was visiting us from north of Newcastle. The clues, when answered correctly, revealed the name of a popular Christmas carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas. The answers are given here, as time did not permit on the day: 1. Four colly birds 2. Eleven pipers piping 3. Ten Lords-a-leaping 4. Seven Swans-a-swimming 5. A Partridge in a Pear Tree 6. Five Gold Rings 7. Three French Hens 8. Twelve Drummers drumming 9. Six Geese-a-laying 10. Eight Maids-a-milking 11. Two turtle Doves 12. Nine Ladies Dancing.

We were also happy to welcome Gabbi and her mother again.  As Gabbi attends university in Brisbane, she is unfortuantely not able to attend our meetings as often as she would like to.

Dorothea spoke about the re-interment (by the way, “re-interNment” means ‘put in gaol again’) of the remains of Richard III that will be taking place in March 2015.   There is an overview of the events planned for Reinterment Week on our branch website. She also reminded members of the Australasian Convention being held next October in New Zealand and encouraged members to attend. She advised that you can visit the Convention website to download the registration forms, and there is also some information on our own branch website.

The 2015 issue of our branch annual journal, The Chronicles of the White Rose, was distributed among all the members and friends, who attended the meeting, and should by now have been mailed to those who were not able to attend.

After the raffle, a lovely afternoon tea was then held with special offerings from members’ kitchens. A word of warning to members: it would be advisable for everyone to keep their bags with them at all times, as there is no security on site, and a suspiciously acting young man was kept from entering our meeting room during the afternoon tea. Please try to be aware of people who are obviously not part of our group, and let someone know if they are showing interest in our belongings. Doug is happy to have a word with anyone who has no legitimate business in our space.

Our first gathering in the new year will be on 14 February 2015 when our guest speaker will be Mr. Almis Simans speaking on ‘Myths and Legends of the Countryside in Richard’s England’.

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