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Richard III and East Anglia

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Richard III and East Anglia

A Visit to East Anglia – Book Review:  Richard III and East Anglia

Livia Visser-Fuchs (ed.), Richard III and East Anglia:  Magnates, Gilds and Learned Men, Richard III Society, 2010, ISBN 978 0904 893 19 9

I read about Richard III and East Anglia in a recent Ricardian Bulletin and ordered it.  It contains five of the talks given at the 8th Triennial Conference of the Richard III Society, which took place at Queens’ College, Cambridge, in April 2005.  Queens’ College was an apt venue, as this college was greatly supported by Richard both as Duke of Gloucester and as king.

The contributions cover ‘Richard of Gloucester’s Lands in East Anglia’, the relationship between his family and the Howard and the de Vere family, Richard’s relationship with the University of Cambridge, the relationship between the Earl of Suffolk and Henry VII, but also an interesting article on the ‘Socio-religious Gilds of the Middle Ages’.

In preparation for the Australasian Convention of The Richard III Society in Melbourne in August of this year,  I have been looking at Richard’s attitude to learning and education, the article on his relationship with the University of Cambridge, though the last in the volume, was the first I turned to and was not disappointed.

The book is illustrated with delightful tailpieces, which were inspired by the badges by various of the persons mentioned in the talks, of course Richard’s boar features prominently, as well as manuscripts from his time and secular badges.

This is a book which would be of great interest to any Ricardian and can only be recommended.

You can order it from the Richard III Society in the UK (go to Society Shop on the menu on the left hand side).

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