The Conventions

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Every two years members from the Australasian branches meet for a convention.  These usually last from a Friday evening to Sunday after lunch.  They always offer a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow Ricardians, to learn something new from a variety of  fascinating talks and to be entertained.

It was Irene Peacock from NSW who suggested we should get Branches to meet on a regular basis.  At the first one in Canberra it was only NSW and Victoria.  When Melbourne held a conference two years later, South Australia joined in, and two years after that, in Adelaide, there were representatives of Qld and WA.  In Brisbane NSW, Vic, NZ and Babs Creamer from the Dorset Group and Qld (of course) were represented.  In Sydney all Branches except WA joined – as well as Babs from the Dorset Group.  All Branches (and Babs from Dorset) took part in NZ.

In addition to the Australasian Conventions  the NSW Branch decided to hold Mini-Conventions in the year in between, as only a limited number of members is able to attend the national events.   These are a day-long fest of talks and discussions.  The first one took place in 2008 and they are set to be a regular feature of the Ricardian Calendar in NSW.

NSW Biennial Convention 2018 in Albury

Australasian Convention 2017 in Perth, WA

NSW Biennial Convention 2016 in Albury

Australasian Convention 2015 Lower Hutt, NZ

Australasian Convention 2013 in Sydney, NSW

NSW Biennial Convention 2012 in Mittagong

Australasian Convention 2011 in Melbourne, VIC

NSW Biennial Convention 2010 in Cammeray, Sydney

Australasian Convention 2009 in Perth, WA

NSW Biennial Convention 2008 in Bundannon

Australasian Convention 2007 in Upper Hutt, NZ

Australasian Convention 2005 in Sydney NSW

Australasian Convention 2003 in Brisbane, QLD

Australasian Convention 2001 in Adelaide, SA

Australasian Convention 1999 in Melbourne, VIC

Australasian Convention 1997 in Canberra, ACT