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Contact us

All enquiries and further information, as well as membership information:  please contact the Secretary at: info@richardiii-nsw.org.au

Matters of a financial nature: please contact the Treasurer at: treasurer@richardiii-nsw.org.au

Renewals and any changes to your address/telephone number/email address:  Existing Members and Friends of the NSW Branch please contact the Membership Secretary at: info@richardiii-nsw.org.au  This is especially important for Members of the Richard III Society so that your Ricardian and Ricardian Bulletin will be mailed to the correct address.

For anything to do with publications, be it those from the parent Society or our own Affinity, please contact: publications@richardiii-nsw.org.au

Webmaster on: info@richardiii-nsw.org.au

Keep in touch with the New South Wales Branch on Facebook.