Looking forward to May

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May promises to be an interesting month for friends of Ricardian fiction.  Anne Easter Smith’s much anticipated novel about Cecily Neville, Queen by Right, will be published early in the month.  This book on the mother of Edward IV and Richard III should be a real treat, as anyone who has read Anne’s previous books can confirm, including A Rose for the Crown, Daughter of York and The King’s Grace.  These are what historical fiction should be:  well-researched and sticking to the facts as we know them with some romance mixed in.

We now hear that Joan Szechtman will continue with the adventures of Richard III in This Time also in May in Loyalty Binds Me.  In This Time we shared Richard’s experiences when he has been transported by time travel from the moment before his death into present day America.

Lots to look forward to in May.

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