The Logge Register

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The Logge Register

Book Review:  The Logge Register – A wonderful resource

Lesley Boatwright, Moira Habberjam, Peter Hammond (eds.), The Logge Register of PCC Wills, 1479 to 1486, Richard III Society, Knaphill (UK), 2008.  ISBN 978-0-904893-18-2

Due a bit of a mix-up at the UK end of the Richard III Society I received today volume 1  of The Logge Register of PCC Wills, 1479 to 1486 and expect volume 2 to arrive soon.  As an avid reader of The Ricardian and the Ricardian Bulletin, I have heard a lot about this project over the years, but always assumed that its target audience would be academics with very specialised interests.  So it came as a wonderful surprise to realise what a great resource this is.

The Register has two volumes, which contain all of the 379 wills and testaments in the register of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury for the years 1479 to 1486.  Its name Logge Register is derived from the first will in the collection, which is that of John Logge, a woodmonger of London.  Some of the wills are in English, some are in Latin, with translations.  We find the wills of people that every Ricardian knows very well, like William Lord Hastings (will no. 105) and William Catesby (will no. 187), or my old “friend” William Waynflete (will no. 350).  However, also the wills of the less famous make fascinating reading as we can learn so much about the lives – and deaths – of medieval people.

What a wonderful resource and I’m deeply grateful for the mix-up!

The Logge Register can be order from the shop of the Richard III Society (the link on the top left hand corner of the website)

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