The Plague of the February Meeting

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Our first branch meeting of the new year was held on Saturday, 12 February 2011. The Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts meeting room was once again filled to capacity with old members and new. Judith’s husband Don Hughes was present for the first time since meetings were held in North Sydney (2007), so was able to meet people who had joined since then. Several of the regular members not in attendance were instead at the Plantagenet 1-day course held at the Centre for Continuing Education at the University of Sydney.

Welcoming remarks were made by Chairperson Judith Hughes, who introduced new member Vivienne Thomas, who has recently relocated to Sydney from the Central Coast. Dorothea Preis delivered the Treasurer’s report, which included the purchase of the new data projector, used for the first time in today’s presentation. That purchase will mean no longer paying a $40 rental fee to the SMSA each time and our expense will soon be recouped. Dorothea then gave us the Webmaster’s Report, advising that most visitors to our website are from Australia and the USA and reach us via search engines. She explained that our website has a link on Joan Szechtman‘s website, so that readers can find their way to us directly.  Joan is the the author of Ricardian novel This Time. As Librarian, Dorothea had no updates as, sadly, the wonderful Ricardian lending library of fiction, non-fiction, and DVDs is not being actively utilised by members.

Although the new social secretaries were not present, Jane sent word that she and Xavier were still working on the Sunday 20 March 2011 luncheon in commemoration of the death of Richard’s Queen, Anne Neville, and the details would be forthcoming by email. The Minutes from the December meeting were taken as read by Julia Redlich, who then told us that we are now past the deadline to register for the Melbourne Richard III conference in August, but that a lively contingent will be present from the NSW branch. Information about the handsome, newly available wooden boar stamp was circulated, and it was mentioned that members who had a white-boar knitting-pattern will be pleased to share with any keen knitters.

A physician of the 15th century

Our guest speaker was Dr Penny Bishop, professor at the University of Sydney, who is an expert in plagues and pestilences. She explained that her presentation was based upon her expertise in science rather than in history, so that she was sharing as a keen amateur what she had discovered. Her presentation was entitled Plagues and Pestilences in the Middle Ages. Suffice to say the audience was deeply involved in taking in her fascinating maps, statistics, images and observations, and a good discussion was held over afternoon tea.

The next meeting will be on Saturday, 9 April 2011, with Dorothea Preis talking about the Blood and Roses Conference that will be held in March 2011 at Christ Church College, Oxford in the UK, which has been organised with the support and assistance of the Richard III Society. This year’s Scrabble Speakers will also be selected, and will draw their letters for presentations at the August meeting. Do not miss your opportunity! Going through the process of selecting, researching, preparing, and finally delivering a talk on a Ricardian topic to the branch is a wonderful challenge, and very worthwhile. Hope to see you there!

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Judith Irwin

Hi, no idea if anyone will read this as the link is 2011 BUT I am a member of the
Manchester branch of the Society (UK) and am looking for a white boar knitting pattern. Just wondered if anyone hear could help.
Kind Regards

October 13th, 2013 at 5:45

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