Medieval Winterfest

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Instead of our usual Coronation of Richard and Anne anniversary lunch this year, the New South Wales Branch opted for a visit to Parramatta Park on July 3rd for the annual Medieval Winterfest.  It was cold and windy, but the sunshine helped the enjoyment of the event at the Coleman Oval, despite the roundabout route we had to take to get there.

There was a lot of medieval merriment going on: jousting, combat and arms displays, birds of prey in full flight, a chance to test your skills at arms – and a plethora of stalls selling books, leatherwork and some wonderful costumes; there were displays of armour with some slashingly shining swords, as well as more tranquil activities such as intricate weaving and spinning of fine wool.

And of course food stalls to keep us nourished throughout the day! Being really picky, we wished for more benches to sit on instead of lowering our tired and, let it be said, the ageing bones of some of us on to the grass. Our lunch was enhanced as we sat in front of the members of the Orion Consort who entertained us with a wonderful selection of music of the times on an equally wonderful selection of instruments.

The Orion Consort (Photo by Hannah Bruechert)

Many of the hundreds attending wore medieval dress, but those of us travelling by public transport limited our finery to Ricardian scarves and pendants and one wore a striking top announcing “Richard III Rules OK”.

Indeed he does!


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