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After Christ Church College’s Special Interest weekend ‘Blood and Roses’, Oxford offers another reason for the Ricardian to visit this beautiful city.

This morning a member of the Yahoo Group of the American Branch of the Richard III Society posted that the ‘Oxford Experience’ is running a course on Richard III next year.

The “Oxford Experience” is a Summer School of the Department for Continuing Education of Oxford University.

Anything concerning Richard III gets my attention, but this course should be special.  Its stated aim is “to present an accurate and balanced assessment of a much maligned man and monarch”.  The course runs for a week, 1 to 7 July 2012, and includes an array of fascinating topics:

•    The Fifteenth Century: the political and social background and royal genealogies of the houses of Lancaster, York and Tudor.

•    Richard, Duke of Gloucester: traces the early life of Richard, his roles and duties and relationships with brother Edward and other members of the nobility.

•    The Princes in the Tower: examines the evidence leading to the incarceration of the princes and assesses the various debates on Richard’s role.

•    King Richard: assessment of his brief reign, his achievements and the conspiracies against him.

•    Myths and Legends: examination of Richard’s legacy, the myths and legends which were generated upon his death and why Tudor propaganda shaped his reputation for centuries to come. The course will end with an opportunity to present your own case for or against King Richard III.

Participants of the course will be accommodated at Christ Church and can thus experience “A Slice of Student Life”.

What a great opportunity it would be to attend this course on a historical person in whom we are so interested in such beautiful surroundings as Oxford in general and Christ Church in particular!

You can find out more about the course at http://www.conted.ox.ac.uk/courses/details.php?id=V210-22&Category=900

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