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So far there is nothing new to report about the results from the dig in Leicester, as the results of the DNA analysis are only expected for December.  To keep our readers entertained while waiting, there are two podcast which you might enjoy.

The first is by Steven Berkoff.  He wrote a short and entertaining monologue “Richard III – My Car Park Years” for Broadcasting House.

The second podcast is on a somewhat more serious note.  Dr Huw Griffiths, Dept of English, University of Sydney, gave a talk on 702 ABC Sydney on “Shakespeare’s Richard III : Royal Propaganda or Political Satire?“, where he stresses the attractiveness of Shakespeare’s villain and puts him into his historical (Elizabethan) context.

And of course there is the very well-reasoned argument of the Bishop of Leicester, why the remains, which have been lying in Leicester for over 500 years, should be re-interred in Leicester.  If you have not seen and listened to this before, may be it is time to do so now.

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