St Ives Medieval Faire

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Last weekend, 20/21 September 2014, the Inaugural St Ives Medieval Faire took place in what the organisers named the Kingdom of St Ives (at less feudal times known as the St Ives Showground) on Sydney’s North Shore. The Showground was the perfect setting for this event.

King and Queen of St Ives

The day started with a Grand Parade in the Jousting Arena, in which all participants took part. During the two days, visitors had the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of displays to get into a medieval mood. For those interesting in browsing and shopping (and be honest, who isn’t?) the stalls, offering mainly items inspired by the middle ages, were a must. This was in some instances combined with a display of medieval techniques, like wood turning or blacksmithing. The 15th century encampment was the home of various retinues. Here, a lady of one the groups explained how bread was baked in a medieval oven – I can now understand why bakeries were such a fire hazard.

However, the main attraction were the display of medieval prowess in various arms. Whether it was combat like in the Viking wars, or the archery display (visitors also had the opportunity to try out their own skills) or the firing of the trebuchet. As it shot watermelons, it probably kept the local birds happy and well fed.


Talking about birds, we should not forget the birds of prey. They performed at 1.30 pm, but could at other times be admired from a closer distance.


For me the main attraction were the jousting sessions, with knights in full armour on their magnificent horses. The jousts were presided over by the King and Queen of St Ives with their lords and ladies. The crème de la crème of the world’s jousting knights took part in the sessions and it was easy to feel transported back to medieval times.

It was a marvellous day and it is to be hoped that the St Ives Medieval Faire will become a fixture in the North Shore calendar.

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