13 DECEMBER 1290

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The body of Eleanor of Castile , wife of Edward I, rested for one night at St Albans on her progress from Harby, where she had died on 28 November 1290, to Westminster.  Her funeral took place on 17 December 1290 at Westminster.

The plaque in the picture can be found on the fifteenth century Clock Tower in St Albans, which is near the spot where the Eleanor Cross once stood.  Originally there were twelve crosses at each of the overnight resting place of the procession for Eleanor’s body, but only three of them remain.  Unfortunately the St Albans cross is not one of them, it was demolished in the early eighteenth century.  It was located next to the Clock Tower and opposite from the Waxhouse Gateway to the Abbey precinct.

(Photograph © Dorothea Preis)


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