Reinterment of King Richard III

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Reinterment of King Richard III at Leicester Cathedral in March on BBC Radio 4

Reinterment of King Richard IIILate this afternoon, at least for us in Eastern Australia, BBC Radio 4 transmitted as part of their ‘Sunday’ programme on the Reinterment of King Richard III at Leicester Cathedral in March 2015.  My congratulations go to the Revd. Pete Hobson, Acting Canon Missioner of Leicester Cathdral, Dr Phil Stone, Chairman of the Richard III Society, and Father Andrew Cole, Spokesman for the Catholic Diocese of Nottingham, for explaining their stance in the face of certain allegations so succinctly.

I personally have no doubt that Richard will be shown all respect and dignity where these men are involved.  And am looking very much forward to being able to be in Leicester for Reinterment Week.  Of course, I am hoping, like tens of thousands others, for a seat in one of the services, but won’t mind watching the the re-interment on the big screens either.  The atmosphere will be worth the trip.

You can listen to the programme here, the discussion about Richard’s reinterment is approx 20 minutes into the programme.

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