Memories of Reinterment Week in Leicester

The June branch meeting of the NSW Richard III Society was held on Saturday, 13 June 2015, at the Sydney Mechanics’ Institute. Chair Judith welcomed all members and visitors; several new members were introduced. The meeting was cut short to make time for the presentations, but one important piece of business was a letter read aloud thanking the branch for our donation to the Leicester Cathedral Richard III fund.

The Treasurer was so impressed with the solemnity and beauty of the reinterment proceedings that she asked that the branch give a second donation. That request was considered then approved by the members with a show of hands.

Another important point of business is that it has been proposed by the Executive Committee that the Branch Constitution be modified to allow for the use of email notification of Annual General Meetings in the future, rather than the expensive and cumbersome paper exercise that has been required until now. There will be a vote on this at the next meeting.

The program featured three branch members, Dorothea, Judy and David, relating their shared and separate experiences in Leicester for the reinterment of the remains of Richard III. Their enthusiasm was infectious and it sounded like a lovely series of processions, services, informal encounters with church dignitaries, and other episodes that made the trip well worthwhile for each. Sadly, they were unable to share their many prized photographs of the occasion as the branch’s new laptop malfunctioned! It is hoped that it will be possible for the photos to be posted on the website.

After the raffle we had afternoon tea and were able to welcome the new members more personally, and to hear more in depth about the overseas experiences of our three friends.

The next meeting will be on Saturday, 8 August 2015. Our guest speaker will be Margaret Rogerson who will give a presentation on “Medieval plays in York”.

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