Middleham Conservation Area to Be Extended

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white-rose-smallThe Yorkshire Post of 4th September 2009 reports that the local council responsible for Middleham, Richmondshire District Council , is consulting the public on possible extensions to the conservation area at Middleham.

It’s heartening to notice that in the area where people knew him best Richard remains to be seen in a positive light as the first sentence of this article suggests:  “Middleham is famous for its association with Richard III, its castle and as the northern capital of the horse racing industry”.   To this day Middleham regards itself as “The Royal, Loyal and Ancient Township”, thus keeping Richard’s motto, Loyalty Binds Me, in mind.  

The proposed extension plans include an area to the north between the Busks and the River Ure, and an open area to the south east.  Council planners say that the northern area is important as there was the old road to Richmond via a ford (now bridge) across the River Ure.  It used to be  planted with an avenue of trees, mostly limes, which drew the eye to and from Middleham.

The south eastern area is of historical significance as there is archaeological evidence of many buildings, which are thought to have housed the stables for the Castle and might also have contained a water garden or ponds.  There is also evidence of a former hospital.

If you are interested, you can read the article by Brian Dooks in the Yorkshire Post here

Find out  more about Middleham and its castle here.


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