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Lost in Castles (formerly Loyalty Binds Me), who made the brilliant DVDs of a reconstructed Middleham and Sandal Castle, just let us know that they are not charging any postage until the end of April 2012.  The reason is that in May Royal Mail is set to increase its rates.  So this is a brilliant opportunity to order that Middleham DVD or the Sandal Castle DVD you had wished for.  I’m certainly going to make good use of this offer.

If you want to look at the trailers or see pictures of other castles, go to the Lost in Castles website.

Click on the titles below to reach the Paypal payment page:

Middleham Castle DVD – £9.99

Sandal Castle DVD – £9.99

Life of William Cowper CDs – £7.99

Middleham and Sandal Castle Gift set – £15.99


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