St Ives Medieval Faire 2015

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St Ives Medieval Faire – live the history in Sydney

Keep the coming weekend, 19 and 20 September 2015, free for the event of the year: the St Ives Medieval Faire. Last year the Fair, the first time it was held, was a huge success and this year promises to be even better.

St Ives Medieval Faire 2015

Jousting Tournament

The trebuchet will be firing again, the birds of preys will show what they can do and much, much more is being planned. I expect the highlight to be Jousting Tournament, where knights in shining armour on magnificent horses display their skills. And for those who wish to venture outside of the medieval period, the Routiers will present a Pike and Musket Drill.

Bring the kids, who will enjoy an extensive offer of medievally themed entertainments. It really is a great day for families to experience the past in real time. The Jousting Tournament is very real and spectacular action, beating any video game of today.

After all the excitement and a walk through the Medieval Village you might feel thirsty. The Tavern caters for the adult thirst. What about a 4 Pines “Sir Andrews Gruit” or maybe a “Mad Monks Mead’?

Of course attending all the attractions of the St Ives Medieval Faire is exhausting, so for the first time on Saturday evening there will be a feast as a unique opportunity to enjoy a full dining experience of medieval food and entertainment into the evening.

While sometimes in Australia, these medieval events can be rather kitsch, this one stands out for offering a real inight into the middle ages.  Looking at the Medieval Village, visitors can understand how people lived then.  And the displays of various aspects of warfare and jousting show the grimmer side of the times.

For the full programme and to order your tickets, go to http://stivesmedievalfaire.com.au/.

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