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It’s all about archaeology

   Posted by: Dorothea Preis    in Greyfriars Dig, News

ArchaeologyHeritage Daily recently published its ‘Top 10 archaeological discoveries for 2013’.  In first place is the archaeological discovery, which interested all of us the most:  The Grey Friars Dig in Leicester, where archaeologists found the remains of Richard III.  It is a great pity that the euphoria we all felt on 4 February 2013 has soured with all the controversies about his reburial.

Don’t stop reading after first place though, the other discoveries are also fascinating.  At No.9 there is a beautiful 1500 year-old Byzantine mosaic, and for me personally the discovery of a henge in Hertfordshire was also of great interest.

Current Archaeology magazine celebrates every year archaeological projects with awards, which are entirely voted for by the public.  The 2013 award for Research Excavation of the Year went to the Grey Friars Dig, after receiving a record number of votes from the public (including quite a few from the NSW Branch of the Richard III Society).  One of the nominees for the 2014 award of Archaeologist of the Year is Richard Buckley, who led the archaeological team who found Richard’s remains.  The vote is still open and you can make your voice count here.

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More congratulations are due to our branch member, Barbara Gaskell Denvil.  She has just been awarded the BRAG medallion of honour for her medieval thriller/paranormal novel Fair Weather.

BRAG medallions are awarded by indieBRAG.  The word “indie” refers to self or independently published books, while BRAG is an acronym for Book Readers Appreciation Group.

A big round of applause for Barbara!

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ArchaeologyWe all have been following the dig at the Greyfriars in Leicester with interest and fascination and are impatiently waiting for the results of all the various tests being carried out on the human remains which appear to be Richard’s.

Now it is your chance to contribute to this research project and no, we are not asking for money!

The Leicester dig has been nominated for an award as part of the 5th annual Current Archaeology Awards.  These awards celebrate the projects and publications in this year’s editions of the Current Archaeology magazine, and the people judged to have made outstanding contributions to archaeology.

The awards are entirely voted for by the public, there are no panels of judges.  In the category “Research Project of the Year” you will find the nominee “Richard III: the search for the last Plantagenet king’ – please show your support for this project which has been so close to all our hearts by voting for it.

Voting closes on 15 February 2013.  The winners will be announced at a special awards ceremony on 1 March at Current Archaeology Live! 2013.

Please go to the Current Archaeology website and vote:

And should you be lucky enough to spot a copy of Current Archaeology at your local newsagent, and I know they are difficult to find in Australia, there are worse things to spend your money on!

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The Robert Hamblin Award 2009

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At the recent Australasian Convention of the Richard III Society in Perth it was announced that the recipient of this year’s Robert Hamblin award is one of us.  Not only from one of the Australasian branches but from our NSW branch.  It is none other than our secretary Julia Redlich! Read the rest of this entry »

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