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General Meeting 12 August 2017

   Posted by: Leslie McCawley


We are looking forward to seeing many of you at our next general meeting on 12 August. Our speaker will be HSC student, and Society member, Christopher, who will be presenting his research on Richard III, entitled “The Changing Perceptions of Richard III over Time.”

We will also have a ‘Bring and Buy’ table to pass on Ricardian related books, memorabilia and other interesting items. Please be sure to take home what does not sell, as we have no storage space onsite.

There will also be a Scrabble letter draw by those members willing to prepare and give a presentation on an apt topic at the first meeting of 2018.

As per usual, the meeting will be held at the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts, 280 Pitt Street, CBD, at 2 pm.


Farewell to John Shaw

   Posted by: Julia Redlich

Members of the New South Wales branch of the Richard III Society will be sad to hear of the passing of John Shaw, the husband of long-time member Margaret Shaw.

John Eric Shaw was an Antarctic Researcher and a scientist with CSIRO. He was not a member of our Society, but a welcome attendee at many of our occasions celebrating events in the life and times of Richard III. John’s knowledge and humour made his company such a pleasure. How we missed him when his health prevented him from joining us.

Many of us have partners, family, and friends who, even when if not members of the Richard III Society, give us interested support that is beyond value. Our love and thoughts are with Margaret (“Maggie”) and her and John’s large and loving family.

Julia Redlich


Searching for Richard III – One Man’s Journey

   Posted by: Lawrence Osborn

We are pleased to announce the World Premiere of 4th episode of Searching for Richard III – One Man’s Journey by documentary film maker Mark Porter
Sunday 20 November 2016 6pm
Valley Kitchen, 290 Wellington Bundock Drive, Kooralbyn Qld
$20 including film and dinner
Contact: Mark Porter on 0412 231 902

You can see the first three episodes of the mini-series online:

EP1 “Bosworth”

EP2 “Leicester”

EP3 “York”


Tuesday November 1, 2016, is a significant day for local Ricardians for the conference that  New South Wales Branch organises between biennial Australasian conventions. Longtime members Helen, Denise and Kevin made initial plans that gained ground with other Branches at the convention in New Zealand last year, and they have been the efficient organisers for the event at the Albury Manor House in the city sitting comfortably on the borders of New South Wales and Victoria.

Delegates are travelling from New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and New Zealand on Tuesday to enjoy a Melbourne Cup high tea and an evening of reunion and Ricardian discussion before the next day’s programme of presentations of a great array of subjects of medieval interest with Richard III naturally taking centre stage. There is a challenging quiz, a rewarding raffle and a special sales table to empty pockets – and maybe find gifts for unexpected guests at Christmas time! The day ends with the traditional banquet when delegates are invited to come dressed as a medieval personality if they wish.

Here’s to another welcome reunion of old and new friends and fellow Ricardians.




Biennial Mini-Conference Registration and Information

   Posted by: Lawrence Osborn

We are pleased to provide some more information on the agenda and speakers for the Mini Conference to be held on 2nd November in Albury NSW.

Peter – Dr William Hobbeys – the personal physician to the Yorkist dynasty and who continued in this role to Elizabeth of York and her offspring till his death . He will also do an analysis of medieval medical studies , training etc.

HazelJacquetta of Luxembourg.

Michael – The Decisive Battle of Ferry Bridge – the prelude to York’s convincing win at Towton\Touton  , in 1461.

CarolThe Gloucester city of Richard’s time.

Anne – The nobility and their homes .

Rita –  The sources upon which The Bard drew in writing his wonderful play.

Julia – The Midsummer Murders perpetuated throughout time.

Glad to report we have members attending from : N.Z. , Qld , A.C.T., Victoria , South Australia and of course  N.S.W.

Helen , Denise and Dorothea are presenting an edited version of their DVDs re the recent re-internment and we hope David Johnson will see his way clear to join them.

If time permits there will be some group activities involving knowledge of the medieval period in general and Ricardian times , in particular :-
a) Ricardian Celebrity Heads .
b ) Medieval History Relay.
c) An individual quiz to be handed out at registration and  completed prior to Medieval Banquet .

Please click on the links below to download Information and registration forms for the 2016 Biennial Mini Conference.

The registration form contains information on where to send once it is completed.

Richard III 2016 registration form

Richard III 2016 conference info

The above forms are in PDF format. The following forms are the same as above but in document format and the registration form can be completed using Microsoft Word or similar PC program.

RIII Mini Conference 2016 Registration Form

Richard III Mini Conference 2016 Information and Contacts


Bosworth Memorial Service at St James’ Anglican Church , City , Sunday , 21st Augustthe eve of that pivotal battle.
For those interested in attending the luncheon , there will be an optional  snack lunch from 12.30 p.m. following at
City Extra Cafe/ Bar/ Restaurant :-
Shop E4
East Podium
Circular Quay
Sydney .
(actually City Extra is situated under The City Circle Railway and Cahill Express Way , facing the waters of The Quay , between the entrances to Wharves 3 and 4 ) . There is outside and inside dining available .
The menu is wide and varied, covers all dietary concerns and is very reasonably priced and can be viewed on line .
As previously, those who for whatever reason can’t make the church service, you can catch up with those of us who have at the lunch .
Naturally we won’t know numbers re booking we will simply book a table in the name of Richard III  and ask those interested in attending to contact Jeanne Villani  or her staff directly at
or on 02-9241-1422 ;
or drop in personally and book so the management there will know actual nos intending to attend and set aside sufficient seats and table space as a result .

2016 Biennial Mini-Conference

   Posted by: Lawrence Osborn


9 April 2016 Richard III Society – NSW Branch General Meeting
The branch met on Saturday, 9 April 2016, at the Sydney Mechanics Institute on Pitt Street, with a good turnout of regular members. Following some brief welcoming remarks from our Chairperson, our featured speaker, member Judy Howard, presented her talk about the Crusades from the Byzantine perspective.
Following the presentation, Judith requested that members come up with any suggestions for guest speakers for next year’s programs or for members to volunteer to give a presentation themselves. Also, the Executive Committee is in need of assistance as it is running on a skeleton crew. If you can offer some of your time please contact her to discuss. The position of Affinity Editor will also be available at the next AGM in October so please consider contributing some time to helping out the Branch in the coming year.
Scrabble letters were then drawn by those members willing to give a talk in October on a topic starting with the letter they drew. After that the raffle prizes were drawn and we had a lavish afternoon tea provided by Joan. The next meeting will be 11 June 2016, when our guest speaker will be Tony Cunneen on the topic, “How Shakespeare’s Machiavellian View of Richard III has shaped history.”

13 February 2016 Richard III Society – NSW Branch General Meeting
The first branch meeting of the New Year was held on Saturday, 13 February 2016, at the Sydney Mechanics Institute on Pitt Street, with a good turnout of members. Welcoming remarks were offered by our Chairperson, then we stood for a minute of silence in remembrance of the recent passing of our long-time member Robin who was always such a warm and welcoming presence at meetings.
A steering committee of three keen members is beginning to organize a ‘mini-conference’ for 1 – 3 November 2016 to be held in Albury at a medieval themed hotel. They are hoping that members of the Victorian Branch will be able to attend, as well as New South Wales members. If people are interested in getting involved, helping out, or being on the mailing list for further information please contact Kevin directly. Details of the mini-conference will be provided via the branch website and newsletter as they become available.
Our guest speaker was Mr Gerard Windsor, a well-known Sydney author and literary critic. He has published books of poetry, fiction, documentaries, essays and literary criticism. One of his particular interests is Pilgrimage, and he has taken a number of his own pilgrimages to various important medieval sites. Gerard’s topic was “The Middle Ages in Our Australian Consciousness.”
After the presentation, the raffle was drawn and we adjourned for a lovely afternoon tea provided by Joan. It was a good start to the new year.
Leslie McCawley

The 10 October 2015 Annual General Meeting

of the NSW Branch of the Richard III Society

The Annual General Meeting of the NSW Branch of the Richard III Society was held on Saturday, 10 October 2015, at the Sydney Mechanics’ Institute. Chair Judith welcomed all members and visitors. Concern was expressed for members who have been facing illness and injury recently, with the sincere hope for their successful treatment, full recovery, and swift return to our meetings. Kevin was back after a year’s absence, and it was wonderful to see him looking well.

Judith gave a summary of our busy Ricardian year with the excitement of the reinterment ceremonies for Richard III in Leicester, the lineup of excellent speakers we were privileged to hear, the annual service, at St James Anglican Church to commemorate the Battle of Bosworth and remember Richard’s life and reign. Thanks were expressed on behalf of the branch members, for the hard work by the committee members throughout the year; the committee members then officially stepped down. Special thanks and a round of applause went to Dorothea for her 8 years’ service as a very active and dedicated webmaster and publications officer who attracted many international readers to our website.

Carole then facilitated the annual elections for the 2015-2016 committee positions. A number of officers returned unopposed to their roles, including Judith as Chair, Rachel as Secretary, Lynne as Sales Officer, Leslie as Affinity Newsletter Editor, and Joan as the afternoon tea lady. Newly elected committee members included Tim and Lawrence as webmasters, and Christine as Treasurer, with Joan expanding her duties to include Deputy Chair.

Our featured speaker was Mr Christopher Puplick AM, a long-time member of the NSW branch and a keen medievalist. His topic was “The Garter Knights of Richard III”, these being the various men that Richard selected for the honour of being made knights of the garter, that ancient order of chivalry. Hopefully a transcript of this interesting presentation will be posted on the website soon.

After the raffle was drawn, members enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea provided by Joan. The next meeting will be on Saturday, 12 December 2015. Our guest speaker will be Judith Mee, speaking on the topic of “Spoken and written English in Richard III’s time”. There will also be a Bring & Buy table, with proceeds going to the branch. It will be a good opportunity to recycle books and other items of interest. Please be prepared to take home anything that does not sell, however, as there is no provision for storage on site.