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Thank you to everyone who sent in their registration forms for our day-long conference at Mittagong RSL on Saturday, 12 May. We look forward to seeing you.

If you have suddenly realised that there is a huge blank in your diary that weekend, we don’t have to give the numbers to the RSL until 18 April, so you can let Julia know if you can come by 17 April.

To whet everyone’s appetite: presentations include talks on Eleanor Talbot/Butler, medieval coins, the Neville/Percy feud, Royal Relics – and the previously lauded “Richard III – the Posthumous Hunchback”. A description of Jousting in the time of Richard III will be given by a new member Andrew, who has found time to join us before he heads off to Europe for some serious jousting there.

Of course there will be all the usuals:  a Plantagenet quiz, a raffle with great rewards to win; a book sale; and bring and buy stall. If you are Bringing please make sure you donations are good to look at and not too difficult for Buyers to take home.  That old bar fridge you’re ditching to beat high electricity prices would not be a good idea!

For your $35 you also get morning and afternoon tea and lunch – and the pleasure of Ricardian company.

If you are staying overnight on Saturday please let Julia know if you will be joining those dining at a local Mittagong restaurant, also if you will be part of the expedition to Robertson on Sunday morning. It will be Sunday Markets  in the town that day, plus the galleries and shops to browse through, as well as places for us to enjoy lunch before returning to Mittagong to make our way to our various homes.

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