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Book Review:  The Devil in Ermine

IThe Devil in Erminesolde Martyn, The Devil in Ermine.  

The Devil in Ermine tells the events of 1483 through the eyes Richard III’s cousin, the Duke of Buckingham.  Following is the description from Isolde’s website:

1483: England has a new king – a mere boy – but who is to rule the kingdom until he comes of age? His ambitious mother, Queen Elizabeth Woodville, or his uncle, Richard, Duke of Gloucester?


Into this impasse steps the eloquent and charming Harry, Duke of Buckingham, Richard’s cousin, but what are his true intentions? Here for the first time is his account of that fateful summer when Gloucester became King Richard III. But of the two, who is the statesman and who the villain?


In this novel, rich in intrigue, Isolde Martyn, author of Mistress to the Crown, draws Richard III and Buckingham, two of history’s most enigmatic men, out from the shadows.

If you have an ebook reader, you can download The Devil in Ermine via Amazon and Smashwords.  Via Amazon you can also order a paperback version.  Isolde mentioned to me that she had ordered several print copies which would be for sale to members of the NSW branch.  Unfortunately, they won’t arrive until approx. 5 December.

Isolde is a past president of the NSW branch and as branch member continues to be a welcome and regular contributor to our meetings.

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