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Medieval Recipes

   Posted by: Dorothea Preis    in Medieval Menu, Medieval Miscellany

Should you be desperate for a new recipe idea to try out over the long weekend, have a look at what the British Library has to offer!  Unicorn sounds pretty special, doesn’t it?

Have a look a at the Medieval and Earlier Manuscripts Blog of the British Library for more information (click here).

(P.S. In case you are wondering, note the date of this post…)



A Meal Fit for a King

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The March edition of the Ricardian Bulletin contains a note about a cheese called “King Richard III”.   Apparently it is like a very creamy Wensleydale cheese with a wonderful mellow taste.  It is a cow’s milk cheese with a mild flavour with a slight bite.

Wouldn’t it be a Ricardian gourmet experience if we could team up this cheese with some of our South Australian ‘Battle of Bosworth’ wines from McLaren Vale?   These wines get their name from the family name of the owners of the estate, Bosworth, and remember the battle where “the last of the Plantagenet Kings, Richard the III, was slain by Henry Tudor, becoming the last king of England to die in battle”.  This historic battle is combined with their “modern day Battle of Bosworth [which] saw us convert our ‘Edgehill’ vineyard to organic viticulture nearly 10 years ago” (Battle of Bosworth Wines website).

For our Ricardian meal the ‘White Boar’ has just the right ring to it.  Such an international culinary combination would make a meal fit for a king.

To find out more about Battle of Bosworth wines click here.

And to read up on King Richard III cheese click here.