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The March Ricardian Bulletin was this year a bit delayed, which was understandable and even welcome, as the editors wanted to include information on the outcome of the Greyfriars Dig.  However, the wait in nearly over and your Ricardian Bulletin should land in your letter box soon.

On 80 pages with a colour insert you will of course find all the regular features, but what makes this edition special are background reports of the evidence from  the Dig, showing on which basis the remains found in August were identified as those of Richard III.

In ‘The Man Himself’ section Prof Mark Lansdale and Julia Boon with present their psychological portrait of Richard III.  This was one of the highlights at the unforgettable conference in Leicester in the beginning of this month and has also been mentioned in the media.

Remember though only members of the Richard III Society will receive the Ricardian Bulletin.  If you are not a member, why not?  There is never a time like the here and now to put those long considered ideas into practice.  Read up on the advantages of membership here.

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Ricardian Bulletin Update

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Just a short note to our members: The March Bulletin will be delayed by about one month to allow full coverage of the findings, which are due to be announced in Leicester on 4 Feb.

However, there will be a Bulletin Extra as soon as possible after 4 Feb to bring us all the very latest, as well as a registration form for the conference on 2 March. This Bulletin Extra will be emailed to members, who have supplied us with an email address, and posted by snail mail to the others.

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Ricardian Publications

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Our postman just delivered the June 2012 Ricardian Bulletin and the 2012 Ricardian.  This was the first time with changed distribution arrangements.  In the past we received the publications for our branch members in bulk and then distributed them locally.  Now the Society is trialling direct postage to overseas members, hoping that this approach will save costs and time.

We hope that your copies arrive timely and in good condition.  If there are any problems, please let the Society know either directly (the address is on a feedback note on the back of the sheet of paper with your address) or you can let me know ( and I will pass your message on.

Don’t forget that this issue of the Ricardian Bulletin includes the first contribution from the Australasian Correspondent.  However, this is just one of the many fascinating items.  I can’t wait to read the report on the search for Richard’s grave in Leicester.  I better go and put the kettle on for some good reading!

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