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A Look Back in Pleasure

   Posted by: Dorothea Preis    in News

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure to attend the Australasian Convention of the Richard III Society in Perth, WA.  I think I can speak for all who attended when I say that we had a great time.  Our thanks go to the WA Branch for hosting this convention.  I am sure we will be able to post a more detailed review of this wonderful weekend here shortly.

A Look Back in Pleasure

Richard III’s banner was flying at the Convention

For me personally, the highlight was Mark Porter’s talk about making the video “Searching for Richard III – One Man’s Journey”.  He gave us the tantalising hint that we would have to watch the video to find out why he thinks that Richard III was innocent of being involved in the death of his nephews, the two sons of Edward IV.  However, there is much more to the video.  For those of us, who have been to the places shown, seeing the sights and events of Ricardian significance will bring back many happy memories.  And for those who haven’t visited them (yet), they give a much better understanding than any book can.

You can watch the video in four parts on YouTube:

Episode 1:  “Bosworth” –

Episode 2:  “Leicester” –

Episode 3:  “York” –

Episode 4:  “The Man” –

At the convention, Mark also talked in quite a bit of detail about the significance of Richard owning a Wycliffe Bible, which I found especially interesting.  I would have liked to find out more about this topic, but I suppose it is something which can be looked at more extensively in future.

Watching the video was definitely a pleasure, a pleasure of remembering good times.

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Souvenir Booklet

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Souvenir Booklet will be with us soon

The Richard III Society has published a 72- page record of the reinterment week of Richard III. This Souvenir Booklet is being dispatched to all Society members this week and should reach us soon. This will be invaluable to everyone.

Souvenir Booklet

Tomb of Richard III, Leicester Cathedral (D Preis)

The September Ricardian Bulletin, with the Society annual report, is due to be dispatched in the first week of September.

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Reminder about the 2015 Australasian Convention

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A reminder about the 2015 Australasian Convention in New Zealand.

Kiwi (D Preis)Remember the conventions are for all of us, whether you are a member or a friend.

There will be a wide variety of fascinating talks. Conventions are always a wonderful opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new friends, and above all to talk about the interest all of us have in common: Richard III.

Remember, to avoid prohibitive bank charges you may wish to credit the $50 deposit or full fee to a nominated Australian bank account.

For those attending the Convention the Angus Inn has agreed to a special discount rate. When booking accommodation at the Angus Inn please do so by email not using the booking agent.

Bank account details and registration forms can be requested from the NSW Branch Secretary Rachel.

Please consider carefully whether you are really prepared to miss out on this great event!

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Good luck!

   Posted by: Dorothea Preis    in News, Reinterment

My ballot papers for the events in Leicester surrounding Richard III’s reburial in Leicester in March 2015 have arrived today.  The completed papers will have to be returned by Wednesday, 7 January 2015.   I will fill mine in and send them back as soon as possible and hope they won’t get stuck in the Christmas rush.

Wishing all our members who are able to make the journey to Leicester lots of luck.

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Galloping to New Zealand for Richard

   Posted by: Dorothea Preis    in News, Society News

KiwiSince 1997, members from all the Australasian branches meet every second year for a convention. These usually last from a Friday evening to Sunday after lunch. As anyone who has attended one before knows, these RIII conventions present a wonderful opportunity to meet up with members of the Richard III Society from other Australasian branches. It is a time to rekindle old friendships and make new friends.

For the 2015 Australasian Convention, our friends from New Zealand have kindly volunteered to host this important event in the Ricardian calendar. The Convention will be taking place 23 to 25 October 2015, so there is plenty of time to plan your trip. The venue is the Angus Inn in Lower Hutt, which is just 30 minutes by bus from central Wellington. The cost should be $180 for the convention plus about $70 per person for the banquet on Saturday evening, which is the highlight of every convention. The banquet is optional to attend, but I highly recommend it as it is a great time to get to know others, dress up in medieval costumes and experience a delicious selection of food. Special accommodation rates have also been agreed with the hotel.

As our friends in New Zealand would like to get an idea of how many people they can expect, it would be appreciated if members of the NSW branch could let me know if they are thinking of going (webmaster “AT” Registration forms have not yet been finalised, but should be available shortly.

Please, also consider whether you would be interested in presenting a talk or entertainment item (either on your own or as a group). If there is a topic that you have always wanted to research in more detail, or know a lot about already, please let Annette of the NZ branch know (myotis-13 “AT”

The 2015 Convention promises to be another memorable event and what would make it even more enjoyable was if YOU were there!

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The August NSW Branch Meeting

   Posted by: Leslie McCawley    in Branch News, Meetings, News

David MeeThe August meeting of the NSW Branch of the Richard III Society was held on Saturday, 9 August 2014, at the Sydney Mechanics’ Institute. Chair Judith welcomed all members and guests. Leslie introduced the guest speaker, David Mee, who presented a fascinating look at the years between 1485 and 1520 in order to put into cultural and historical context the development of the coinage of the day. David has been a serious coin collector for over 20 years, and has European coins from Ireland to the Latin East, as he called it, defined as ‘wherever the crusaders went’. His many slides showed the artistry of the coin makers, and reflected the changing styles over the decades from frontal images of the symbolic head of the monarch, to the classic profile first used by Henry VII and soon copied by other rulers, as well. The coins minted during the reign of Richard III had a mintmark of a boar, the Duke of Gloucester’s symbol. There was a lively question and answer following the talk, as David was able to shed light on the more arcane aspects of the topic.

There were no committee reports presented but one important item of business was the announcement that the membership fees would not be increased for the coming year, and that all renewals are due before the next meeting in October. Renewal forms will be posted soon and all cheques are to be sent to the Secretary. Please note that even if you are not renewing your membership it is requested that you inform the Secretary in writing as a courtesy, if possible.

Business also included the discussion of the re-interment of Richard at Leicester Cathedral in March 2015. The events will be spread over a week, 22 to 28 March. After three days of lying in state for the public to pay their respects, Richard will be reburied with a formal Church of England service on 26 March. A special service for Society members will be held at the Cathedral on Monday, 23 March (more information can be found on the website of the Richard III Society). It is expected that several of our members will attend the ceremonies.

The New Zealand Richard III Society will be holding the biennial Australasian Convention over their long weekend of 23 -25 October 2015, and organisers were hoping to get an idea of how many members and friends might be making the journey to join them from Australia but it was too soon to tell.

Our member Isolde Martyn is having a book launch of her latest production, The Golden Widows, about Elizabeth Woodville and Katherine Hastings, on 21 August at Abbeys Bookstore on York Street, Sydney, 6pm for 6:30pm speeches and formal program. All members are invited.

The not-to-be-missed St Ives Medieval Fair will be held over the weekend of 20 and 21 September 2014, with a great line-up of family-friendly activities and attractions, including world-class jousters from Europe competing against the Australian contenders.

The Bosworth Service scheduled for the 24 August 2014 will be held at St Mary’s Anglican Church on Birrell Street in Waverley at 10am, with lunch at Arthur’s Pizza in Bondi Junction for interested members and friends afterwards. St Mary’s is a fine old sandstone church with lovely stained glass windows and gardens, and the Minister Rev Peter Clark and his congregation have always been very welcoming.

The Bring and Buy Table was a success, with many interesting items contributed to the branch for fundraising, and many pleased buyers, as well. The raffle was also drawn, then all broke for afternoon tea. The NSW Branch Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday, 11 October 2014, featuring this year’s ‘Scrabble Speakers’, members Dorothea, Maggie, and Rachel speaking on various gripping Ricardian topics

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New Web Address for the Victorian Branch

   Posted by: Dorothea Preis    in News, News from Other Branches

Please note that the Victorian Branch of the Richard III Society has a new website and a new address.

We wish their webmaster Gillian lots of success with their new project.



The December Ricardian Bulletin

   Posted by: Dorothea Preis    in Branch News, News

The December issue of the Ricardian Bulletin is starting to arrive in Australia!  Congratulations to the Bulletin Committee on a wonderful new issue.  Not only the contents are very appealing, but so is the new style with full colour throughout.  And it got here extremely quickly, virtually at the same time as for members in the UK.

Hoping yours arrives soon, too.  If you are a member of the NSW branch and have not received your copy by 14 December, please let me know at

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   Posted by: Dorothea Preis    in Branch News, Meetings, News

The AGM of the NSW Branch of the Richard III Society will be held on 12 October 2013 at 14h00 at our usual venue, the  Harry Jensen Centre, 17 Argyle Street, Millers Point.

As it is every year, the AGM is your last opportunity to renew your subscription.  If you haven’t renewed your subscription by sending your Renewal Notice and indication of payment (either by cheque or direct credit) to our treasurer Judy by Friday, 11 October 2013, you will be able to do in person at the AGM.  Please make sure that you bring payment AND the filled in Renewal Notice with you.

There will be a few changes to the composition of the committee on the cards, with some members stepping down.   We thank them for their tireless work on behalf of all of us.  However, we also thank those, who have bravely put up their hands to become part of our branch committee.

And after all the housekeeping, there will be a fascinating talk.  Unfortunately our scheduled speaker had to pull out at short notice, but Judith will come to the rescue and tell us about ‘Innovations of the Middle Ages’.  This promises to be an interesting topic.

One innovation coming to my mind immediately is Johann Gutenberg and the printing press.  We must not forget that Richard III was a strong supporter of printed books, as he explicitly exempted them from the import and export restrictions in the statutes of his only parliament.   Incidentally the statutes of the 1484 parliament were not only the first to published in English, but also the first to be printed.

So come along and join us to decide on the future committee of YOUR branch and find out which innovations can be traced to the Middle Ages.

Most Society members should have received their September 2013 Ricardian Bulletin during the last days.  Should your copy not have arrived by the AGM, please let our Bulletin coordinator Dorothea know.

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On 22 August …

   Posted by: Dorothea Preis    in News, Society News

While we commemorate Richard’s death at the Battle of Bosworth, today we are also waiting for the the completion of the Society Website to be launched later today (UK time).  Highlights include:

• The Wars of the Roses section which can be found under Richard’s World, a critical section which provides context for the life and times of King Richard;

• Further articles about Richard himself including a new contribution on his burial written specially for the site by John Ashdown-Hill. This will be complimented by an examination of his death from a member of the ‘Looking for Richard’ project when the research from the Greyfriars is completed;

• Revised bibliographies covering both King Richard and the Wars of the Roses and with links to book reviews that have been published in The Ricardian;

• A revised and extensive list of links to other sites which are complementary to our own;

• In response to requests for more online articles we are publishing all the articles, and a selection of the book reviews, from The Ricardian covering the years 2004 through to 2008. We hope to publish online earlier articles but the scanning and proofing is a slow process and we need more resource to complete this task;

• Similarly we are publishing back-copies of The Ricardian Bulletin from 2003 to 2011 though sadly, for technical reasons, we do have some missing issues;

• The Barton Librarians have been updating their catalogues and revised editions are now becoming available but in the interim the existing catalogues are available online.

• An online gallery, a section which initially showcases music, pictures, sculptures, and videos, which will be enhanced in the future.

Some musical notes in commemoration of Richard:  Graham Keitch’s beautiful ‘In Memoriam Ricardus Rex’, which those who attended the Australasian Convention will remember vividly, has also been posted on YouTube and you can listen to it here again.

This is not the only tribute to Richard on YouTube.  You might want also like to watch this moving tribute to our king.

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