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The Richard III Society has commissioned new artwork from the Queen’s Scribe, Andrew Jamieson.  The new design is used on a variety of merchandise available from the Society.

Our branch has for a long been very grateful to Andrew to be able to use his artwork in our documents or on our website with his permission, which was of course credited to him.  Therefore we feel very strongly about spreading the word on this new merchandise.

The design commissioned by the Society of Richard III mounted on his horse is full of meaning.  He is armoured as a warrior, but holds a scepter in his hand to show his kingship.  His horse wears Richard’s armourial bearings, a white boar is running alongside him and above him flies his standard.  His crowned shield is surrounded by a garter.  On the grass we find forget-me-nots, white roses for York and broom flowers and pods for Plantagenet.

You can see the picture and all details of ordering any of the merchandise here.

Note: The illustration above is another depiction of Richard III by Andrew Jamieson.  It does not show the new artwork.

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